Core Values

Q Development is a “double bottom line” focused enterprise. Q’s investment strategy seeks to combine financial returns with community impact in a balanced manner.

Q Development’s Core Values

Preservation Minded: We believe that preserving a neighborhood’s historic and architectural assets strengthens the fabric of the community and makes it a better place to live and work.

Aligned Interests: Q believes that a fundamental element of success is ensuring that there is alignment of interests with community stakeholders, public sector partners, and the neighborhood strategic plan.

Sustained Commitment: A long-term investment horizon allows Q to operate in transitional neighborhoods that have yet to undergo community revitalization.

Positive Impact: Q aims to positively impact the lives of residents, the neighborhood, and the City of Pittsburgh as a whole through scalable community-centric investing.

Responsible Investing: We define our investment success by considering both financial and non-financial returns.

Community Engagement

Q Development believes that it is critical to partner with the community in the areas where we invest. We agree fervently with the notion that communities have a link and an obligation to the past and to those that have come before. We work to honor this history through thoughtful incremental change, building on the varied contributions of residents, business owners, property owners, organizations and other stakeholders. Q seeks to complement what already exists, to restore what has been neglected, and to help fill the gaps between. It takes more than financial capital. It takes empathy, energy, and engagement to foster relationships built on trust and to take actions that support those that advance shared goals of the community.

Q Development has partnered, supported and/or worked in conjunction with the following community organizations where we currently operate: