Investing in the Community

Q Development is a “double-bottom line” real estate developer that specializes in historic and architecturally significant properties in and around Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Our community loves working with Q Development. They put us at ease with the development process at their first meeting. Q's team is respectful, knowledgeable, and approachable, which our community really appreciated.

- Andrew Wickesburg , Former President, Allegheny City Central Association

The Young Preservationists Association is pleased to offer our full endorsement and support of the good work being done by our friends at Q Development. Their efforts are an asset to our community and demonstrate their collective and individual skills and integrity. It’s not just what they do, but how they do it. We are proud to stand with them.

- Matthew Craig , Executive Director

It was a privilege to work with the Q Development team in the design and construction of Eighth and Penn. As one of the first development's in the Cultural Trust's Eighth Street Block, Q Development, and their partner Trek Development, set a standard for collaborative design and big picture thinking when it came to how their development would integrate into the overall Trust master plan for the block

- J. Kevin McMahon , President and CEO of the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust

Monmade channels transformative opportunities from Pittsburgh’s development boom into the creative economy. Q Development is an innovative leader in this effort, offering a wide range of project opportunities to creative businesses ranging from one-of-kind artwork to pendant lighting to unique signage. They remain one of our most impactful partners.

- Adam Kenney , Director of the Creative Business Accelerator-Monmade

Investing in the Future

Q Development’s mission is to work with communities to complement what already exists, rebuild what’s broken, and contribute to help fill the gaps between what’s otherwise missing.

It takes more than money: it takes being involved, listening, and energy to build relationships and support those that are doing good things to advance the community.

We are actively seeking properties that support these objectives and have been proactive in establishing relationships with neighborhood stakeholders and city leadership as it invests in Pittsburgh’s future.